Raw Materials  

a. Molybdenum Chemicals and Metal products are widely used in the following industries:-

  1. Paint
  2. Pigments
  3. Steel
  4. Alloying
  5. Lighting
  6. Automotive
  7. Glass Melting
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  b. Tungsten Metal products are used in the following industries:-  
  1. Alloying
  2. Lighting

c. Niobium, Tantalum and Beryllium and other rare earth metal products are used in the following industries: -

  1. Electronics
  2. Heat Exchanger
  3. X-Ray Equipments
  4. Tooling Industry

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d. High Purity Iron Billets are used in the following industries:-

  1. Super Alloys
  2. Nickel based Alloys
Systems and Equipments  

a. Ion Beam Milling Systems and accessories are used for sample preparation for subsequent electron microscopic (SEM & TEM) studies. Pre Ion milling can be done using Technoorg Linda Accessories like Microsaw, Micropol and Microheat which can be followed by ion milling using Technoorg Linda Ion Mill Model IV3 / IV4 and final polising / artifact removal using Technoorg Linda Model IV5 also called as The Gentle Mill. Technoorg Linda sample preparation systems could be used successfully for Analysis of Samples in the following fields: -

  1. Material Science
  2. Metallurgy
  3. Semiconductors
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Plastics and Polymers
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b. Critical point dryers are used to dry any delicate 3D structure that is suffering from surface tension during drying process. Current MEMS Applications using tousimis® CPD Process are as given below:

  • RF Switches
  • Cantilevers
  • Micro robots
  • Inkjet Nozzle
  • Shock Sensors
  • Coupled Oscillators
  • Micro platforms
  • Various actuators, hinges, drives, ratchet MEMS devices

Critical point dryers are also used for drying biological samples for subsequent observation under SEM.

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c. Dry Isotropic etching systems are used for Highly Selective MEMS Release With No Stiction Problems, Long Undercuts and Release Using Nano-scale Holes and Release Layers.

Sample of Applications

  • RF Switches
  • Projection Displays
  • Reflective Displays
  • Optical Attenuators
  • Airborne Virus Detectors
  • Chemical Sensors
  • Pumps
  • Oscillators.
  • IR Sensors
  • Disk Drives
  • Heaters/Micro Hot Plates

Sample Structures

  • Switches
  • Cantilevers
  • Bridges
  • Mirrors
  • Membranes
  • Channels
  • Thermal Isolation Cavities

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